Dedicated Care Coordinators

Our promise at Savoy Therapy is that when you partner with us, you’ll have a Dedicated Care Coordinator (DDC) to answer your questions, address concerns before they come up and coordinate care to ensure your residents are seen promptly and avoid unnecessary delays when they receive care with our therapists.

Your Dedicated Care Coordinator will assist you with the following tasks once you identify a resident who could benefit from therapy.

  • Screen A Resident To Identify Specific Therapy Needs (OT/PT/Speech)
  • Collect And Verify Insurance Coverage
  • Contact POA/Family
  • Call MD Office to Obtain Necessary Orders
  • Inform When Therapy Is Scheduled
  • Provide Regular Update on Your Resident’s Therapy
  • Update Family & MD
  • Update You When Resident Is Discharged From Therapy
  • Complete Caregiver Training As Needed Before Discharge
  • Schedule 90 Day Reassessment
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